Notice to International Customers

International Shipments: International customers are responsible for ensuring that the products and quantity ordered can be lawfully imported to your country. There are many country specific laws, regulations and restrictions that may impact our ability to ship your order and your ability to receive it. Customs may delay your order or might reject it outright from being delivered based on local laws. We recommend you contact your customs office to understand what regulations and restrictions may apply to the items you are ordering.

In addition, you may incur higher than expected import duties or tariffs, your order may not be deliverable, or customs may hold or return your order back to us. International customers must pay applicable sales tax, duties and customs charges that are determined by your local government and vary by country. Duties, taxes and/or customs fees will be an additional amount collected upon delivery of your order. Your order confirmation details only the amount collected by BioTrust. To determine the declared value of the products included in your order, BioTrust uses the average price paid for each product across all consumers year to date. Many of our customers purchase our products in discounted bundles and are able to take advantage of discounted pricing. When customers receive discounted pricing as a result of purchasing in bulk, you benefit because the average price of the products is generally lower than the full retail price that customers actually pay. The average price is listed on the shipping manifests and is used by customs officials to calculate any duties, taxes or fees for which you are responsible.

To avoid any delays in delivering your package, or a package being returned to us, please ensure your international address information is correct and includes a telephone number for the carrier to contact you should there be any issues in transit.