Josh Bezoni

Josh Bezoni BioTrust Nutrition co-founderJosh Bezoni is a nutritionist, fitness and supplement expert, best-selling body transformation author and philanthropist.

He has appeared on virtually every major TV network, including ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, The Travel Channel and many more, promoting his “Belly-Fat-Free” lifestyle and weight loss tips.

Bezoni graduated with dual majors in biology and nutrition while fulfilling his pre-med requirements from The University of Central Iowa (Central College). Instead of attending medical school, he decided that he wanted to help people before getting sick as opposed to after, and began his career as a nutritionist for his health and fitness mentor, Bill Phillips, at his nutrition supplement companies, including EAS, Muscle Media Magazine and Body-for-LIFE.

Since leaving EAS, Bezoni has authored two best-selling fitness books and helped over 1 million men and women transform their bodies in record time through his nutrition strategies and programs.

Bezoni’s newest venture, with partner Joel Marion, is Bio Trust Nutrition, one of the fast-growing nutrition companies in America. BioTrust develops and distributes an all-natural line of premium dietary supplements and healthy food products worldwide.

Bezoni says, “At BioTrust it’s our team’s mission this year to empower more than 1,000,000 men and women world-wide to improve their nutrition, reduce body fat levels and positively transform their health through our informative articles, inspiring community, and our all-natural line of premium, scientifically-backed nutrition products.”

Bezoni adds, “What’s more, we at BioTrust pledge to work with top-rated charities by donating a significant portion of every dollar we earn to help supply nutritious food, clean water and improved medical services to families in need, both domestically and abroad.”

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