Unmatched Quality

Using Our 7-Stage Research and Testing Process

Experience The Difference

Naturally Honest. That’s the name of the game at BioTrust, a trusted brand that cares and serves millions of families worldwide. In an industry tainted with fly-by-night companies that cut serious corners when it comes to sourcing ingredients, manufacturing, and testing just to pad their pockets, BioTrust invests an unprecedented amount of time and financial resources in our 7-Stage Research and Testing Process to ensure that we deliver the world’s highest quality premium dietary supplements and nutrition products. This is BioTrust’s unparalleled commitment to excellence. This is BioTrust’s commitment to YOU.

Step 1: World-Class Formulators

At BioTrust we've compiled a team of some of the world's most respected medical doctors, chemists, researchers, nutritionists and fitness experts to create the highest-quality brand on the planet. Each of our formulas goes through an extensive approval process by industry leaders with at least 15 to 20 years of experience in creating safe and highly effective nutrition products.

Step 2: Scientifically-Backed Ingredients

We only use HONEST, effective levels of scientifically-backed ingredients. We never add a “dusting” of an ingredient just for window dressing or marketing hype, a HUGE problem that is extremely common even with many of the most popular brands found at your local supplement store. Instead, we give you the honest amount of each ingredient that science shows will get you the best results.

Step 3: Made With Naturally-Inspired Ingredients

We search the globe for the highest quality and purest forms of every ingredient we include in our products. We use naturally-inspired ingredients free from antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, colors and preservatives. For example, the protein in our BioTrust Nutrition Shakes comes from cows not treated with rBGH or rBST – artificial growth hormones that can pass into the milk, the protein…and ultimately you.

Step 4: Ingredient Testing

We only purchase raw ingredients that come with a certificate of analysis for potency and purity. And, we even do further microbiological testing during the manufacturing process. This means that every ingredient is guaranteed to be pure and potent before it becomes a BioTrust product.

Step 5: GMP-Certified Facilities

Our manufacturers strictly follow the Good Manufacturing Practices required for Dietary Supplement and Food Manufacturing. GMP Certification is a third-party certification program that includes inspection of manufacturing facilities to determine whether specific food safety and quality performance indicators are being met. These indicators may include: specifications for personnel training, equipment and facility cleanliness, maintenance, and document traceability. GMP Certification is a commitment to Quality and Consistency that our customers deserve.

Step 6: Third-Party Testing

After our products are manufactured, labeled and sealed, we take things a step further by enlisting elite third-party, independent labs to double check even our GMP-certified manufacturers.

Step 7: Finished Goods Testing

Unlike the majority of supplement companies, BioTrust uses these same elite third-party, independent labs to further analyze our completed products to ensure and verify that the ingredients in our products are safe and in the appropriate amounts as listed on our labels.