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Hey, Joel Marion here, co-founder of BioTRUST, with an important question:

What if you could enjoy many of the key benefits of increased ketones in your body (the major driver of the Keto Diet) – like the appetite control, metabolic support, boost in daily energy, and greater mental clarity – without having to completely sacrifice your favorite carbs (like bread, pasta, and fruit), and without having to suffer through all the other negative side effects of such a rigid diet?

Sound exciting?

If so, this breakthrough discovery is going to be music to your ears. So first, here's the REAL TRUTH about the Keto Diet you need to know...

Yes, the Keto Diet Can Work Wonders for Increasing Ketones, BUT...

proteins and fats

Keto is taking the diet industry by storm because of how wildly effective it is at increasing ketones, in turn supporting metabolism and your body’s energy levels... there's no denying that fact.

However, you probably already know that in order for Keto to work, you have to eat close to ZERO carbs every day... and for most, that's a deal breaker.

Regardless, the evidence-based Keto Diet certainly does work–and works big time–in large part by elevating levels of something called KETONES in your body as we have now mentioned several times.

You see, under normal conditions, your brain and body's fuel of choice is simple carbohydrates, which are delivered through your circulatory system to every cell in your body.

However, when you stop eating carbs, your body is forced to break down fat for fuel… But because the brain can't actually burn fat, your body has to come up with an alternate energy source, so it creates ketones, a byproduct of fat burning. When ketone levels get high enough, it's essentially like "flipping a metabolic switch" in your body so you begin burning FAT as your primary fuel source instead of carbs.

I realize this can be a little confusing, but the bottom line is that having a higher level of ketones in your body is key to benefiting from the Keto Diet.

High Ketones = Accelerated Keto Diet results.

However, There's a HUGE Problem with the Keto Diet

The #1 problem with Keto is you do not get to eat your favorite carbs, which means...

  • NO bread, rice, pasta, or desserts
  • NO delicious fruits
  • NO red wine, beer, or cocktails

What if you do eat any of these? Your body immediately gets kicked out of “ketosis" (the state of elevated ketone levels), and you stop reaping the metabolism, energy, and brain health benefits that those ketones produce.

And that's not the only problem. You need to eat an extraordinarily high amount of fat on Keto. And if you eat too much protein or any significant amount of carbohydrates? Again, you get "kicked out" out of ketosis, and your body stops burning ketones as fuel.


Then there are the famous undesirable side effects of the Keto Diet... In fact, it's so common to experience negative symptoms when adapting to a Keto Diet that people refer to the bundle of side effects as the "Keto Flu", which includes:

*Fatigue *Constipation *Insomnia *Headaches *Reduced Physical Performance *Brain Fog *Muscle Cramps *Strong Sugar Cravings *And More

bad breath

Of course, there's also "Keto Bad Breath". People often "know" when you're Keto... because they can smell you coming.

It's no surprise such a small number of people even experience worthwhile results with Keto, and an even smaller number maintain those results.

The Keto Diet is one of the HARDEST diets EVER.

Now It's Time for the AMAZING News...


YES, you can enjoy many of the amazing benefits of elevated ketone levels (the secret sauce behind many of the major benefits of following a Keto Diet and why it works so well) WITHOUT having to follow the strict, complicated rules that go along with such a rigid diet protocol.

YES, this means no dreaded Keto flu side-effects.

YES, this means you can still eat carbs, including many of your favorite foods, fruits, and even a glass of wine, a beer, or a cocktail, and still reap the additive benefits of elevated ketone levels.

And YES, this means you can still increase your body’s ketone levels, thus supporting your body’s metabolism and energy levels...

WITHOUT all the negative side effects and WITHOUT the struggle and frustration.


By naturally elevating your levels of ketones, which are responsible for producing the lion's share of the Keto benefits you want, with the biggest breakthrough in BioTRUST's history...

Our brand new, easy-to-use product called KETO ELEVATE.

"After 2 days I was noticing increased mental clarity... I was so excited about it that I ordered 6 more bags so I don't run out!"

wood background

Keto Elevate = So Many Ketone Benefits... Even Without the Keto Diet!

If you thought, "This sounds almost too good to be true," we don't blame you. There are thousands of unsupported claims flying around the Internet when it comes to transforming your body and health.

However, the key ingredients in Keto Elevate are based on solid research, not wishful thinking or unsubstantiated science. With that in mind, here are two crucial truths you need to know about the Keto Diet:

1) A very specific form of fat called "MCTs" can help produce those fast and sustained Keto benefits you want, like increased energy, major appetite control, and significant boost in both mental and physical energy.

MCTs stand for "medium-chain triglycerides." MCTs are found in small amounts in coconut oil, palm kernel oil, butter, milk, yogurt, and cheese. But, consuming coconut oil (or any of the other foods listed) will NOT provide you the fast and powerful benefits you seek because they do not provide the most effective form of MCTs.

2) The "magic" of MCTs–and its benefits–lies in a very specific form known as Caprylic Acid, also known as "C8." (And research indicates it's more than 3X better than coconut oil when it comes to elevating ketones in your body.)

There are also other, less powerful MCTs, namely C10 and C12; however, C10 and C12 (which some would argue is not even an MCT) will NOT provide you the fast and powerful benefits you desire.

Kind of like wine, there's watered-down wine and there's expensive wine. C10 and C12 are the cheap, watered-down versions of MCTs, while C8 is the "wine of the Gods."1–3

The 5 Reasons Coconut Oil
Doesn't Cut It

Big Reason #1: Coconut oil is NOT a robust source of C8, the powerful MCTs you want to elevate your ketones and in turn support your energy and metabolism. Coconut oil has other good health benefits, but it is not a smart way to get C8 MCTs.1,3


In fact, only about 7% of the fat in coconut oil is C8. Meanwhile Keto Elevate is 100% C8!

That means you'd need 5-8 tablespoons of coconut oil to get the same amount of C8 MCTs in one scoop of Keto Elevate.

Even if you are okay with taking 8 tablespoons of coconut oil, though...

Spoonful of Coconut Oil

Reason #2: Coconut oil requires heating to melt it, and/or using a blender to mix it, in most recipes.

Thumbs down

Reason #3: If you add it to smoothies and other cool or even room-temperature drinks, it solidifies.


Reason #4: It's not easy to travel with, and it can be messy to use and clean up in general.

Bad taste

Reason #5: Coconut oil makes coffee, tea, and most recipes you add it to taste like… coconuts.


Beware of the Drawbacks of Other MCT Supplements

If you are already taking some type of MCT oil or powder, kudos to you for being several steps ahead. However, chances are you're likely not enjoying nearly as many benefits versus what you could be enjoying, for five key reasons:

Drawback #1
Most MCT oils and powders use “watered down” MCT blends that are a combination of C10 + C8… or C10 + C12 + C8, which are not as effective at raising ketones compared to pure C8.  Why compromise? If you want the greatest ketone-producing results, you want only 100% C8.

Drawback #2
Mixability is a big issue. You need a blender to mix MCT oils in drinks. Meanwhile, MCT powders are infamous for being hard to mix and "clumpy." (You're going to love how easily Keto Elevate mixes into drinks.)

Drawback #3
MCT Oils are difficult to carry with you and use when you're traveling. The "MCT oil spill" on clothes and in suitcases is a rather common disaster!

Drawback #4
So many MCT supplements taste and smell "odd," overpowering, or worse.  MCT powders can be artificially sweetened, adding to the unpleasant experience. And MCT oils can taste like, well, oil.

Drawback #5
Many MCT oil powders contain soy-, corn- and wheat-based ingredients and fillers. These have NO place in an MCT supplement. Each of these can be an issue for certain people, and they may even raise insulin levels,  potentially kicking you out of ketosis.

Keto Elevate bag


If you want to reap the most benefits of elevated ketones (without actually having to cut out carbs to "do" it), you need an MCT supplement that ONLY contains C8.1–3

Not C10. Not C12. Not a mix of C8 and C10. But rather, make sure you use only 100% C8.


Simply put, research shows that C10 and C12 are NOT as effective at raising ketones in your body as C8.

So, this is the golden key: If you want many of the benefits of elevated ketone levels without having to actually do the difficult parts of the Keto Diet, you need an MCT supplement that clearly announces it contains the C8 (Caprylic Acid) form of MCTs and only the C8 form.

And you want to be certain it contains ZERO ADDED JUNK or fillers...

You see, many MCT products contain things like hormones, artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners, soy, gluten, GMOs, sugar, or maltodextrin. Do you want to put those things into your body?

Here's What the Very First Users Are Saying About Keto Elevate!

Working Out

But Wait, There's Even More Breaking News Behind the 100% C8 MCT Found in Keto Elevate and Why It Works So Well At Raising Ketones... In Under An Hour!

All the wild claims that so many supplement companies make for their products have jaded a lot of people. I get it. It's beyond frustrating.

You deserve the truth, so here is even more honest information about BioTRUST's Keto Elevate that makes it so effective...

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a super nutritious type of dietary fat. They have a high "ketogenicity," which means your body can quickly convert them to ketones, supporting the metabolic, brain and energy benefits we’ve mentioned earlier

The "8" in Caprylic Acid (C8) stands for its number of carbon atoms, and when it comes to the body's needs, this size is "just right" (like the story of Goldilocks).

That's because your body can quickly, easily, and efficiently process C8 into ketones, which are a natural, usable energy for your body and brain and the real key behind all these benefits of the Keto Diet.

This means a world of difference in terms of the fastest ketone-elevating results for you.

For example, C8 has been shown to be up to 3X more ketogenic than C10 and more than 3X more ketogenic than coconut oil.1-3

So, while many are quick to tout the benefits of coconut oil (even though it may be good for other uses), it does NOT contain enough C8 to be truly effective at maximally elevating your ketone levels (which again is the major driver of the Keto Diet).

In other words, YES, you can effectively elevate levels of ketones without completely cutting out delicious carbs like bread, pasta, and fruit... without suffering bad breath and "Keto Flu" ... without having to do the Keto Diet... at all ...

Simply use the 100% C8 MCTs found in Keto Elevate to elevate your body’s ketone levels, supporting the benefits of elevated ketones such as:

  • Heightened energy levels
  • Reduced cravings and appetite
  • Graceful aging
  • Healthy metabolism
  • Increased mental clarity and focus
  • Heightened physical performance and recovery

Of course, Keto Elevate isn't going to allow you to eat whatever you want, not be active, and still lose weight as if you were doing the keto diet, but it WILL provide your body with the one-and-only MCT that's been shown to have the greatest impact on ketone levels—a key to supporting all the above benefits...

Keto bag

A Truly Unique & Versatile 100% C8 MCT Powder

When our research team unveiled this exciting research about the C8 form of MCTs, we did exactly what a science team at a high-integrity health company would do...

We went on a quest to find the existing 100% C8 MCT oils with zero added junk already available out there and as a result we were very disappointed in our findings.

So, instead we created our own with the integrity and honesty our millions of customers have come to expect from BioTRUST. The result is what we believe to be the most unique and versatile 100% C8 MCT Oil available today specifically designed to support elevated ketone levels as fast as possible... without the Keto Diet!

Easy to make


Keto Elevate comes in a convenient powder form, instead of those messy MCT oils –and has just 1 net gram of carbs per serving.

Unlike other MCTs, it has no sugar and no artificial sweeteners. It also comes in delicious Hazelnut and French Vanilla flavor or unflavored to enhance the taste of whatever it's added to (versus dulling or overpowering it, like coconut oil and most MCT supplements do).

In fact, Keto Elevate goes perfect with coffee because it elevates the overall taste without all the other junk typically found in coffee creamers. And it's much more effective at elevating ketones than adding calorie-dense MCTs, butter, or coconut oil.

Now it's easier than ever to get the seriously powerful health benefits of elevated ketone levels just by mixing Keto Elevate into your "Morning Joe!" You can also easily add a scoop to a wide range of recipes and beverages, like tea, protein shakes, smoothies, fat bombs, yogurt, and seasonings–all the while enhancing the overall flavor.

Just imagine... now you can reap so many of the benefits of the Keto Diet without eliminating carbs from your diet… just by adding Keto Elevate to what you’re already doing!

And if you're already following a Keto Diet, Keto Elevate really is the perfect addition.4

Here's What the Very First Users Are Saying About Keto Elevate!


"What I love about Keto Elevate is that it actually makes my coffee taste better. I just notice an enhanced coffee flavor. I tried MCT oils and coconut oil before, but the taste was overpowering. Great job!"


"It's so cool that Keto Elevate comes in a powder! I hate messing with oils. It's so easy to take with me on the go. Great taste, too."


"It's impressive that BioTRUST uses the C8 form in Keto Elevate. It's better than C10 or C12 by a landslide. Kudos for creating a product that doesn't cut corners and uses the best ingredients."


"Thank you for Keto Elevate. I love the taste, and it makes me feel healthy knowing it doesn't contain all the artificial ingredients and chemicals."

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Just Add 1 Scoop of Keto Elevate to coffee, smoothies or your favorite drink.

Mixes Easily. Tastes Amazing.

scoop of Keto Elevate

Best of All, It's From BioTRUST

BioTRUST is America's premium online nutrition brand, known for having shipped over 15 million premium, honest, and science-backed nutrition products to their loyal customers around the world. BioTRUST was started in 2011 by Joel Marion and Josh Bezoni, two best friends whose mission was to create a nutrition company that was authentic, honest, and always put quality and service first. Toward that end, BioTRUST...

  • Conducts university studies on top products.
  • Has independent labs test products to ensure potency and purity.
  • Ensures the quality of all products is verified by a certificate of analysis.
  • Works only with top-tier manufacturers that strictly follow Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP).
  • Takes enormous pride in providing customers with world-class customer service and a premium customer experience.
  • Cares about community, too. To date, BioTRUST has helped provide over 5.6 million meals* to hungry kids through our partnership with the nonprofit® and we've helped grant over 220 wishes for kids with life-threatening medical conditions through our partnership with Make-A-Wish®.
Tim Skwiat, MEd., CSCS, Pn2

MEd., CSCS, Pn2

Tim is a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified Nutrition Coach and a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He completed his undergraduate degree in Movement & Sports Science at Purdue University, and he earned his Master’s degree in Sports Science & Nutrition from the University of Texas at Austin, where he also worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach under the tutelage of world-renowned basketball strength coach Todd Wright for 10 years. With 20+ years of health and wellness experience, Tim is a published author of over a dozen evidence-based eBooks delving into the nitty gritty of nutrition for overall health, body composition, cognitive function, joint health, hormonal health, sexual performance, healthy aging, and more.

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60-day guarantee
feed a hungry child

You Save Big on Keto Elevate Today, BioTRUST Helps Feed a Hungry Child

BioTRUST cares about our customers and community. For every Keto Elevate order today, we help support programs that feed hungry children through our partnership with®. To date, BioTRUST has helped provide over 5.6 million meals* to hungry kids.

What’s more, with the support of our customers, we’ve funded over 220 wishes for kids with life-threatening medical conditions through our partnership with Make-A-Wish®. Through our partnership with Pencils of Promise®, BioTRUST has helped build three schools for underprivileged children, and along with®, we’ve provided clean drinking water for hundreds of families in third-world countries. It's support from customers like you that allows us to give back. Thank you!

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Order Your Keto Elevate Below Today

Keto Elevate provides your body only C8, the most ketogenic MCT, in the purest form. That means it provides very fast and effective support to help you achieve:

  • Heightened energy levels
  • Reduced cravings and appetite
  • Graceful aging
  • Healthy metabolism
  • Increased mental clarity and focus
  • Heightened physical performance and recovery

And unlike other MCTs, the C8 MCT in Keto Elevate is also very gentle on your stomach.

Furthermore, staying true to BioTRUST's impeccable reputation for quality, Keto Elevate is non-GMO and free of soy, gluten, lactose, and maltodextrin. Keto Elevate contains NO soy-, wheat- or corn-based ingredients. It is also free of artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners, unlike other MCT products on the market.

Workout womanWorkout woman

How Much Should I Order?

Each bag of 100% C8 MCT Keto Elevate provides you 20 servings. Most customers choose to stock up and save by ordering 3 or 6 bags.

It also makes sense to stock up now as today’s low sale prices won't last.

Keto Elevate Bag

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Keto Elevate - Buy 1Keto Elevate Buy 3Keto Elevate - Buy 6
Keto Elevate - Buy 1Keto Elevate Buy 3Keto Elevate Buy 6


Q: How much should I buy today?

It makes sense to stock up now, especially considering the current significantly discounted price. With all that in mind, we highly recommend stocking up and saving more today with our 3- or 6-bag options.

Q: What specifically makes Keto Elevate the right choice for an MCT oil supplement?

With 5 grams of the highly-sought-after MCT C8 (Caprylic acid) per scoop, Keto Elevate is the most advanced MCT powder on the market today. Unlike many other MCT powders, Keto Elevate ONLY provides you with PURE 100% C8, which is the most ketogenic of all the MCTs, fueling you with quick, clean, natural energy. Keto Elevate contains NO soy-, wheat- or corn-based ingredients, which may be an issue for some folks.

Unlike many MCT oils - which often contain a much lower concentration of C8, can be difficult to digest, and also can be inconvenient & messy - Keto Elevate comes in a convenient, easy-to-mix, no-clean-up-required, easy-digesting, portable powder.

Q: What are the ingredients and amounts used in the formula?

Each serving of Keto Elevate provides 5g of Caprylic Acid, which is technically classified as a healthy saturated fat because of its chemical structure. That's why you'll see 5g of saturated fat listed on the label. But don't worry, Caprylic Acid is a "functional fat" that offers a wide array of potential health benefits which allows it to be quickly and easily metabolized into energy, less likely to be stored as fat, while increasing calorie burn via thermogenesis.

Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts

Q: What is the best way to use Keto Elevate?

Simply add 1 scoop of Keto Elevate to any beverage or recipe and mix thoroughly. Keto Elevate is great with coffee, tea, protein shakes, smoothies, and other beverages, and you can easily enjoy it without a blender. You can also add it to recipes and baked goods. You can use Keto Elevate multiple times a day, and it can be used any time to supercharge your day with quick, clean, natural energy.

Q: How long will a bag of Keto Elevate last?

Each bag contains 20 servings. Each full serving provides 5 grams of C8 (Caprylic Acid) MCTs.

Q: Does this product contain caffeine or any other stimulants?

No. This product is caffeine- and stimulant-free.

Q: Are there any allergy concerns with this product?

Contains ingredients from milk. This product is manufactured in a facility that also processes eggs, Crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, milk, wheat and soy.

Q: If I have a medical condition, can I take this product?

Keto Elevate is intended for use by healthy adults over 18 years old. Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician before use if you are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications or are being treated for any medical condition. Discontinue use and consult your physician if you experience any adverse reaction to this product.

Q: What if this product doesn't work for me?

While Keto Elevate was created to work, if for any reason at all you are unsatisfied with your purchase, just send back even empty bags, and we will issue a prompt and courteous refund. You're always protected by our naturally honest 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Keto Elevate - Buy 1Keto Elevate Buy 3Keto Elevate - Buy 6
Keto Elevate - Buy 1Keto Elevate Buy 3Keto Elevate Buy 6



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