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7 Signs Your Body is Rapidly Aging (and what you can do about it…)

Hey, it's Tim Skwiat, MEd, CSCS, Pn2 and Vice President of Research & Development here at BioTRUST, with some exciting news!

Many of us are aging more rapidly than we should, but did you know that many health experts consider collagen the closest thing on earth to a real "fountain of youth" – especially in terms of helping your skin, hair, joints, and gut health.

And it's really no surprise collagen is so key to anti-aging, because collagen actually makes up 75% of your skin.

It makes up 70% to 80% of your ligaments, tendons, and joints, and 90% of our bones, nails and hair.

Here's the BIG PROBLEM, though…

By the time people hit "middle age," their bodies typically produce less than half the collagen they did in youth – and they increasingly produce less with each passing year.

Reduction in Collagen with Age

In short, this year-by-year escalating loss of collagen is a key reason people "look old" as they get older.


The good news? You can escalate the collagen in your body again by consuming it.

However, most collagen supplements do NOT work AT ALL! I mean literally, next to no benefit…

Read Why Here (and we’ll also reveal the 5 specific types of collagen your body needs to unlock its key age-defying benefits)

To your success,

Professor Tim Skwiat
VP of Research and Development, BioTRUST


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