8 Reasons You Should Be Eating More Healthy Fats

Written by Joel Marion

Healthy Fats

Well, hello there!  It’s Joel, and I’m right in the middle of enjoying some fresh, homemade guacamole with gluten-free tortilla chips (made from rice flour).  It sure is a nice, yummy, fat-burning snack—chockful of healthy fats—on a beautiful day here in Miami, Florida.

Now, most people don’t think of chips and guac as a fat-burning snack! Sure, they’re high in fat, but avocados are actually one of the healthiest fat-blasting foods around.  In fact, the notion that eating fat makes you fat couldn’t be more wrong: eating fat—and lots of it—is a crucial part of achieving optimal health and the body you want.

Here’s why:
1. When added to a meal, healthy fats slow the rate food empties from the stomach (known as gastric emptying) and helps stabilize blood sugar levels.

Editor’s Note: 30 second daily trick FLATTENS your belly

2. Healthy fats can also help increase feelings of fullness and satisfaction (called satiety) by stimulating the release of key hunger-suppressing hormones. What’s more, combining fat with high-fiber carbs (e.g., veggies) has been shown to further enhance the satiating power of fat.

3. Due to the above, eating fat also helps you avoid carb cravings (a major contributor to increased body fat levels).

4. Fat helps optimize your hormone levels, as a major player in your endocrine (hormone) system.

5. Fat, particularly this kind, contributes to healthier skin, hair, and a more youthful appearance. (Thank you very much!)

6. Fat also plays a critical role in your nervous system, giving you energy and keeping you alert. In fact, there is one particular fat that makes up 97% of all the fatty acids in your brain. If you want a healthy brain, make sure you’re getting plenty of this “super fat” every day.

7. Given the same calorie intake, by introducing more fat into your diet, you’ll automatically reduce your carb intake.

Bonus Tip: Do THIS before eating carbs (every time)

8. There are even certain types of fats, like conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is found in grass-fed beef and organic dairy products, shown to boost metabolism, helping you burn calories faster.

When it comes to LOSING fat, EATING fat is king! So, and go ahead and indulge in a little chips and guacamole, guilt-free!

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In fact, one breakthrough study showed that those who ate this belly-burning fat just twice daily burned 400% more fat than those who didn’t. Another study published in the Journal of International Medical Research showed that those eating this powerful flab-burning fat lost 20% of their body fat in just 12 weeks!

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  • John

    Loved the article and this company! Best company around!

    • Cristina

      Hi John. Thank you for taking the time to explore our blog, and for the great feedback about BioTRUST Nutrition.

      Our goal is to provide valuable content in an easy to understand format, that will allow folks at any point in their journey to gain a better awareness of how they can improve their health and wellness.

      When you know better, you do better.

      We hope you will let us know if there are any topics you would like to know more about, or if you have any additional comments or questions.

  • Wow_Who_Would_Think

    People need fat in their diet to absorb fat soluble vitamins, to nourish their brains and nervous systems, which are made out of fats, and to feel good. No coincidence that the most incidents of road rage were at the height of the no fat diet fad years ago. Uninformed people still avoid fats and egg yolks due to the politically incorrect diet dictocrats who told people to eat things very bad for them like margarine and to avoid foods good for them like egg yolks, and butter and coconut anything.

    • Cristina

      Thanks for joining in the discussion, Wow_Who_Would_Think. Despite a bad rap, fat does NOT make you fat.

      In fact, healthy fats from whole foods play important roles in manufacturing and balancing hormones. To your point, they also form our cell membranes and nervous systems, and transport important vitamins and minerals.

      I have found that including a variety of healthy fats in my diet helps to support my mental health and well being.

      Some of my favorites are:
      * Nuts (e.g., walnuts, almonds, cashews, etc.) and nut butters (e.g., almond butter)
      * Seeds (e.g., pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds)
      * Olives and extra-virgin olive oil
      * Avocado
      * Butter (preferably from grass-fed cows, e.g., Kerrygold)
      * Coconut, coconut milk, and extra-virgin coconut oil
      * Cold-pressed oils (e.g., walnut, macadamia nut, avocado, hemp, pumpkin, flax)
      * Fatty fish (e.g., wild salmon, mackerel)

      Bottom line: Don’t fear the fat.

  • madeleine

    I eat a low carb high fat diet and it has done wonders for me. I’m diabetic and my a1c has gone from 9.2 to 6 since May, I have been able to reduce my insulin by more than half, and I have lost weight. The only thing wrong with this article is the rice chips. For a diabetic, rice contains too many carbs.

    • Cristina

      Kudos to you, madeleine, for your recent weight loss and for reducing your blood glucose levels. That is fantastic, and it would appear that you were successful in achieving this through behavior and lifestyle modifications.

      According to data from Diabetes Prevention Program, lifestyle interventions are even more powerful than medication when it comes to addressing the symptoms of diabetes. Nutrition plans based on whole, unprocessed foods with a balanced fatty acid profile and low in refined carbohydrates (in
      conjunction with ample physical activity) can all but prevent diabetes.

      On the contrary, a Western diet that is high in processed foods, sugar, and animal fat, combined with a sedentary lifestyle, is responsible for the high incidence of diabetes in many societies.

      With regards to your concerns about rice chips not being suitable for a diabetic, I would suggest substituting cut, raw veggies. I have found that celery and peppers work exceptionally well as a reliable vehicle to scoop up thicker dips such as guacamole.

  • Lois Lemay Redican

    A better food to eat with guacamole instead of chips is fresh vegetables: cucumber slices, wide cut pepper strips, zucchini slices, celery

    • Cristina

      Hi Lois. Great feedback. Cucumbers, peppers, zucchini and celery would all be excellent replacements for chips when looking for a vehicle for guacamole. Coach Tim Skwiat wrote a complimentary article that shares your sentiments which can be found here:

      Eat Your Veggies And Don’t Fear The Fat

      Thank you for taking the time to share your healthy suggestions. We hope you will continue to share your contributions, Lori.