Rob Poulos

Rob PoulosRob Poulos has spent the last few years helping those who are tired of trying to stick with restrictive dieting and hours and hours of boring exercise in an effort to lose weight and be healthy, and are ready for something different.

In that time he has reached hundreds of thousands of women and men, young and old, in over 137 countries, helping many to improve their bodies, strength and physical energy, and enjoy a greater confidence and happiness with the methods he teaches.

Rob’s own personal struggles with his weight, health and fitness created a great determination within, ultimately resulting in the development of a quicker and simpler solution to achieving the kind of body and living the type of life he desired.

Never interested in super-strict dieting regimens or time-consuming exercise routines, Rob began piecing together his unique approach to fat loss, fitness and lasting health. Rob is often quoted as saying that much of what works long-term can be quite opposite of what you may have been doing all these years. Now Rob's continuing goal is one of service: to help every woman or man interested to live life in their very best body and health possible.