4 Belly-Blasting Carbs (Add These To Your Menu Today)

    While there are plenty of BAD carbs out there (think white bread, sugar, desserts, etc) you don't have to completely eliminate carbs from your diet in order to burn fat fast, especially when you choose the RIGHT sources. Having said that, below are my top 4 choices of belly-blasting carbs that will leave you full and satisfied, while helping you toward your fat loss goals to boot!

    Berries#4 - Berries & Cherries

    Berries like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and cherries (although not technically a berry) are some of the BEST carbs you can eat. They are high in fiber, packed with antioxidants, and score extremely low on the glycemic index, especially cherries, which come with a GI of just 22.

    I enjoy fresh berries for dessert several times a week and it's an awesome, nutritious way to finish off any meal. Great as a snack, too! Try them on top of Greek yogurt... Mmm :)

    #3 - Sprouted Grain Bread

    Sprouted grain breads, like Ezekial 4:9 bread (one of the most popular brands of sprouted grain bread), are a great way to include bread in your diet without all the issues associated with white breads and even 100% whole wheat breads.

    Instead, Ezekial bread is organic, sprouted, 100% whole grain flourless bread. A 2-slice serving even contains 8 grams of complete protein, and 6 grams of fiber, so don't give up the bread, just choose the right kind!

    #2 - Quinoa

    While brown rice is thought to be the healthy grain, there’s one even better, and that’s quinoa.

    Quinoa is a gluten-free grain that contains double the protein of brown rice along with greater fiber content and a lower glycemic load.

    Not only that, but quinoa is the ONLY grain to contain complete protein and the full spectrum of amino acids. It comes in several varieties, including “oatmeal-like” flakes and it’s wholegrain rice-like form.

    Enjoy it as an oatmeal substitute for breakfast, in salads or casseroles, or as a wholesome whole-grain, high protein side item to any lunch or dinner meal.

    #1 - Beans, Lentils, and other Legumes

    Beans and Lentils, part of the "legume" family, just may be my #1 choice for a healthy carb. Packed with loads of fiber and protein, these guys come in so many different varieties that you'll never get bored: lentils, chickpeas, black eyed peas, black beans, red beans, kidney beans, navy beans, butter beans, lima beans, pinto beans...and the list goes on.

    Because of their fiber & protein content, along with their versatility, I eat something from the legume family in at least one of my meals daily. I'd highly recommend you'd do the same!

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