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    All you have to do to be eligible is leave your feedback below about your experience with the product.

    What has your experience with BioTrust Low Carb been?  How does it compare to other protein powders you’ve used previously?  How does it taste?  What kind of results have you experienced?

    Please tell us about your experience with BioTrust Low Carb below.  The more detail the better!  We’ll choose one commenter to receive a free 6-pack of BioTrust Low Carb this weekend!

    And if you have yet to experience just how awesome BioTrust Low Carb is, make sure to get yours HERE today!

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    1. I have been using Bio Trust for a few months now and I am truly impressed. I have been able to loose weight, it is nutritious and delicious. I use it for my smoothies and it tastes wonderful. If I am having a craving that will not budge I will make a pumpkin smoothie and it is even better than ice cream.

    2. Thanks so much for this great protein drink! This is the first protein drink that I’ve tried that doesn’t upset my stomach. I enjoy vanilla and chocolate flavors. I use either coconut milk or unsweetened almond milk. I use the recipes that you have given me and I am completely satisfied using it as a meal. I’ve been using it for about a month and I lost about 5 pounds! It’s a delicious way to lose weight! Thanks again!

    3. Hi BioTrust,

      Thanks for being one of the very few companies that offer protein supplements like the ones you guys offer; foods with integrity. I have taken MANY protein supplements before, as has many people, and I have to say that i am impressed with this product. Products used in the past are GOLD standard (my old favorite), musclemilk, cytosport, msp, etc. etc. Taste is good, its not great, but its good enough. to be honest, i’ve had better tasting protein before BUT it was packed with maltodextrin, dextrose, other processed sugars, etc., which made me fat and would make me feel groggy, and tired, like i ate a big meal. And the fact that you guys have such little carb and have it taste this good is a tremendous achievement. PLUS, i don’t drink protein shakes because they taste good, i would just get a milk shake if i wanted something yummy. Protein shakes are for health benefits. The protein mixes EXTREMELY well with liquid, probably the best i have ever seen which is really important as i don’t want clumps in my shaker or cup, yuck. I don’t really see any physical differences per say as its not meant to really dramatically change your body physique, but i don’t get gas with this product because i do with others, and i don’t feel tired or groggy as with others, i feel refreshed, if thats the word. I take it before i sleep and after weight training and i feel great after…also knowing that the cows are rbgh free is a relief. thank you for the great product guys, i will be buying this protein from now on!

      • Thanks for your feedback and support, Tim. While you may not drink protein shakes because they taste good, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the best of both worlds — great taste and nutrition — like you can with BioTrust Low Carb™, right? 🙂 Keep up the great work! I do think you can expect to see more physical differences in the long-term as the superior ingredients have time to take their effects on body composition.

        Tim Skwiat
        BT Head Trainer

    4. I have only been using Bio Trust Low Carb Vanilla for 3 weeks and I’m already loving the way my body is responding to it. I am due to have surgery in a few weeks and my doctors told me that I need to consume a lot of lean protein before and after the surgery to help with recovery. This product allows me to get lots of healthy protein without much work. I have a green smoothie every morning which consists of spinach, Fage plain Greek yogurt, a dash of cinnamon, 5 large strawberries, unsweetened almondmilk, stevia to taste and of course BioTrust. Yummy and filling and I havent gotten tired of it and doubt that I will. Another favorite of mine is pumpkin puree, unsweetened almondmilk, dash of cinnamon, stevia to taste and of course BioTrust. SOOOOOOOO GOOOD!

    5. Since using Bio trust low carb i’ve actually put on 2kg of muscle without changing any other variables in just a week and a half! Amazing, my fat percentage has dropped and I no longer feel sick or bloated after a workout due to my post workout shakes. Cannot recommend bio trust any more highly with my friends.

    6. I recently purchased a 3 tub multi pack, two chocolate and one vanilla. I am about to begin the third tub. I would agree that the Bio Trust protein powder is one of the better tasting products on the market. I do not live in North America so I am not sure that the protein powder and packaging I receive is the same as what you sell domestically. In saying that, here is the honest feed back about the product, please keep in mind that I am happy with the actual product itself, the nutritional value, and will keep on ordering.

      I am not sure how difficult it would be to engineer, but your site recommended a product called fit freeze a while ago. Fit Freeze could be blended, then frozen and made a decent ice cream snack “Guilt Free” I believe was their catch phrase. Would be good if your product could act as both a protein shake and a product that could be a frozen treat. Yes I have tried to freeze it, and it still has a long way to go.

      In regards to option with multi packs; If you could also offer more vanilla than chocolate that would also be great. At the moment you are given two chocolate and one vanilla or three chocolate and two vanilla per multi pack to receive any financial savings. The reason I mention this is although the chocolate tastes great, the vanilla has a softer flavour to it. You can mix fruit, cinnamon, raw chocolate power, almond butter, etc, and the vanilla flavour is not overpowering, enough to mask the flavour of the other ingredients. It is a more versatile flavour.

      In regards to packaging, I find that the tubs are not well made, it is very difficult to close them properly. It is as if the groves on the lid to not match flush with the groves on the neck of the bottle. I have to try three or four times each time just to close the lid properly on each occasion. Also, a more transparent blue colouring would be helpful, as I could have a better indication as to how much powder is left.

      That’s it, just a few suggestions. Hope this helps.


      • Hi Vincent,

        Thanks for the feedback. If you visit the BioTrust Low Carb page of the site, you’ll see that you can choose exactly how many chocolate and how many vanilla you would like via the drop down list when purchasing a multi-pack.

        Hope that helps!


    7. Love it Love it Love it! I have lost 55 lbs over the past 6 months and Biotrust shakes were a part of my physical tranformation. I drink one every morning and after a great workout. They taste so amazing and when adding fruits, veggies, spices or nuts they are even better. Vanilla is the BEST! People ask me every day what I’m drinking and I tell them it’s the best smoothie you’ll ever drink. Thank you for creating this fantastic product.

      • Wow!!! Congratulations Mary! We’re glad we could be a part of such an amazing transformation.

    8. I love both flavors,they are tasty and mix well with anything I want to add. I usually have a shake after my work out and add greek yogurt,frozen strawberries,bananas, and almond milk. I also have a shake as a guilt free treat about an hour or so before bed. I just add the BioTrust, greek yogurt,almond milk and leave out the fruit. I’ve been a fitness junkie and have lived in the gym all my adult life and love the fact that Josh and Joel put in all the right stuff!

    9. Joel and Josh,
      You guys have come up with an amazing product. I work out a lot and faithfully make my protein shakes. I seriously think I have tried them all and not one of them can compare to your BioTrust Low Carb Powder. Zero gas zero bloating and the taste is awesome. I can’t tell you how long I have looked for a protein powder like this. I am in the process of obtaining my certification for personal training and I am going to promote this product like crazy to all my clients. Thank you so much for coming up with such an amazing product!!

      • Thanks for the great feedback, Brenda! Good luck on obtaining your personal training certification. That’s so awesome that you committing your life to improve the health and well-being of others. Thank you also for spreading the word about BioTrust to facilitate that goal as well!

        Tim Skwiat
        BT Head Trainer

    10. I am a quebecer in a little town in Quebec. I have command a low carb from BioTrust. I love it because it is very smoothly and not lumpy. I also ordered Lepti Burn and I wait it soon. Ibegin to use your products and I am very happy to make this move. Excuse my english and thanks for your implication in the health of people. Gilles Garneau

    11. Coming from someone who would choose a milkshake over a steak dinner, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve tried both the vanilla and chocolate, but when I add a couple tablespoons of frozen orange juice to the chocolate powder, I have my breakfast, lunch or dinner. Thank you for creating a safe, nutritious and delicious protein powder. Hope there are more flavors to come!!!!

    12. I have tried a couple of other protein powders since I tried yours and neither one had the great taste yours does.

      I want to lose about 50 lbs to be more healthy. I have fibromyalgia and just last week found out I have a small cancer on my right kidney. Had to go see the surgeon this morning, yuck!

      I am already reducing sugar usage to almost zero and don’t drink soda pop or alcohol at all any more so hopefully this can be the next great thing I do for myself with your help.


      • Hi, Diane. We’re so sorry to hear about your health struggles and your recent diagnosis with cancer. I hope that they’ve found it in the early stages so you can get on the mend quickly. You’ll be doing everything you can from a nutritional standpoint with BioTrust Low Carb™ and the other BioTrust™ products to facilitate your recovery and your overall health.

        Keep up the great work, Diane. I am very proud to know that you’re dedicated to trying so hard to improve your health and vitality!

        Tim Skwiat
        BT Head Trainer

    13. Love BioTrrust Low Carb!!!

      I’ve been taking for about three months and I am impressed with the results I see, but did not necessarily expect!!! What a bonus!

      Nutrition is important to me and I like to know what I am putting in my body! I simply wanted protein to supplement and to feed my muscles after working out. I was using another whey protein product, through my personal research (i’m no expert) was the “cleanest” I could find on the market, Jay Robb. I like the product a lot, BUT I always had bloat. I hate bloat. I don’t need bloat. Now I found BioTrust, it’s clean, it’s delicious, (chocolate for me) it mixes well and easily, it is absolutely perfect with water and ice!! Guess what…. No bloat!!!!! NO bloat!!!! Perhaps it might be the absence of soy in your recipe?! It works!!! Love it!!

      Now for the best part….I’ve gained muscle!!! Yay!!!! I have not lost pounds, but I’ve lost inches in places where they needed to go, and I gained muscle all over!!! I’ve got guns!! My abs are starting to show, my legs are leaner, and I feel stronger and more powerful— if that makes any sense!

      I take it always post work,out!!!! One before bed!!! I was also drinking in the morning, prior to work out, but I think it perhaps wasn’t necessary, unless for a meal replacement .

      I cannot tell you how impressed I’m with these results in such a short duration. I know it has to be the Biotech because I have not changed anything in my usual routine. It’s all the same, except the Biotech. I think the results are in!!!

      Well, I’m sold! No gastric upset and I’m becoming more defined. I’m in my late 40’s and perimenopause is here. It’s part of life… Us ladies just have to roll with it, and if there is a product out there can enhance our hard work at the gym as we put in our due diligence, and offer us a little “pay off”, for following the rules, honestly, what is there to think about when the proof is in the pudding.

      Thank you for your research and developing such a great product!!!

      • Wow, Colleen! That is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your story and your excitement! You already begun making an awesome transformation. Keep up the great work, Colleen!

        Tim Skwiat
        BT Head Trainer

    14. Loved the Chocolate Biotrust Protein powder and will buy the Vanilla when I start to run out of Chocolate. Especially love the time release which eliminates any appetite issues and the care which the team at Biotrust used to give us the best ingredients available.

    15. BioTrust is one of the few nutrition companies that I actually trust and they do not disappoint.

      I am not going to lie, I haven’t tried every protein powder out there, I have only tried a handful, but BioTrust Low Carb is by far the best. The first difference I noticed was the taste, IT IS ACTUALLY DRINKABLE! I consider myself to be a picky eater and those other protein powders didn’t get along with my tastebuds…I eventually started to plug my nose while I consumed the other protein shakes (a lot of taste is actually smell, so it almost made it tasteless). My mom always got a laugh while watching me drink it.

      I have only been using BioTrust Low Carb for a few weeks now, but I can see positive changes taking place on my body.

      With a 1 year money back gurantee, you have nothing to lose, at least try it (you won’t regret it).

      • Thanks for your testimonial, Kenny. I think that’s one of the huge roadblocks that people come across when trying to improve their nutrition. We think food either: 1. tastes good, or 2. is good for us. Well, with BioTrust Low Carb™, you get the best of both worlds. Unparalleled nutrition with incredible taste.

        Glad you’re enjoying it, Kenny. Thank you!

        Tim Skwiat
        BT Head Trainer

    16. I’ve started the FBF program 3 months ago and have been using BioTrust Lepti-Burn, IC-5, and Low Carb for only one month now (with a three day a week HIIT program) and can definitely see and feel a difference with the BioTrust products! I’m a chocolate lover, and the Low Carb chocolate taste great! T.G.

      • Keep up the great work, Tom! Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear that you’re loving your BioTrust products! We appreciate you and your support!

        Tim Skwiat
        BT Head Trainer

    17. My husband and I have been taking this product for several months, and we both love it. It gives us a lot of energy in the morning that lasts until lunchtime, and the taste is delicious. I like the vanilla and he likes the chocolate, and to give him more chocolate taste, I add a half tsp of cocoa powder. Hope this is healthy.

    18. I was skeptical that BioTrust Low Carb would actually taste good–but it’s great-even the chocolate! I enjoy making shakes and adding it to Greek yogurt. The low carbs = low calories which I love. Thanks for make a delicious product.

    19. I really like the taste. It is good by itself in water or skim milk and with or without other ingredients. It does not have that chalky taste that so many protein powders have, and keeps me full till my next meal!

    20. As of this year, I have joined the “over 40” club. The largest challenge in my quest for health and fitness is; NOTHING COMES EASY ANYMORE!!! I have found my metabolism has changed (for the worse), the risk of injury is higher, and I have to work twice as hard for half the results…..
      Now that I got that off my chest. It is so nice to come accross a product that gives me an edge over all of those obstacles. Bio-Trust Low Carb has effectively covered several areas that my wife and I seek out in products. Hormone free, low carb, and none of those nasty chemicals that other protein companies throw into their mixes. I will be honest with you, I never even thought about that stuff 5 years ago. Now I look for this A+ quality. And in the world of supplements, it is almost impossible to come accross.
      I would also like to commend you on your customer support, through your articles and excercise programs. This is a great product and backed by people who know the true meaning of “health”.
      And if that is not enough….. ohhh the taste. It’s like drinking a high quality milk shake. Not only do I look forward to my shakes, I have to stop myself from having too many of them during the day.
      FYI… I did a Tough Mudder event this year and I plan on doing another one in 2013. Bio-Trust products will be one of my top supplements to get me prepared!

      Thanks for the support guys!

      Larry Boardman

      • Hi, Larry! Thanks for the great feedback. Congratulations on completing the Tough Mudder this year — that’s not for the faint of heart! We’re excited to be a part of your preparation for next year’s event when you blow away this year’s performance.

        Keep on keepin’ on, Larry!

        Tim Skwiat
        BT Head Trainer

    21. I just ordered 3 more bottles because I was so pleased with the first bottle I ordered recently. I tried other brands and did not like the taste at all. Your brand tastes great and it fills me up and lasts for quite a long time. I really like the fact that is low carb and doesn’t spike my blood sugar. I had my husband taste it and he likes it too. So we are sold! We will continue to buy. Also, it is so easy to use………just mix it with water and away you go. You don’t need a blender or a big production. Good things all the way around!

    22. I love love love both flavors of Bio Trust Protein. They are super easy to mix with water or almond milk and provide hours of hunger relief. This is the best protein powder I have ever tried. Please don’t stop making it!!

    23. La mejor marca que he probado, buen sabor y resultados, lastima que te retengan el pedido en aduanas para llevarlo a España, hace que los pedidos sean tediosos y se incremente el precio de manera significativa, aún así merece la pena para ciclar las proteinas!

      • Muchas gracias! Apreciamos su negocio!

        Senor Joel

    24. Love this protein powder. No lactose problems. If I get too hungry mid afternoon, I fix a short shake with ice and water. It fills me up and I eat less for supper. Most mornings I fix a shake with Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, chia seeds, and coconut oil.

    25. By far the best tasting protein on the market not to forget to mention the healthiest!!! I am 40 and have been exercising my entire life. Biotrust rocks in the health department, which is why I have purchased your other products as well. Definitely my number one company for supplements. You have set the standard!!!

    26. I came across your product from a Mike Geary newsletter and always know its genuine when he promotes it (even though he is part of your team). I have to say first of all I thought the advertisement was fantastic and really felt the genuine honesty in your products.
      I decided to give everything a try 1 IC-5, 1 BCAA, 1 Leptiburn and 3 Protein, I normally struggle to tell how much of a difference products make unless they’re significant. I didn’t really notice much of a change for the first couple of week, but then i moved into the third week and I really started to feel the difference as I’m certainly a lot more energised and have made some great progression this week in my training and feel the pounds are starting to come off again as well. Needless to say I’ve re-ordered 3 for 2 on all except the protein only because I have a 5lb pot I need to get through first so it doesn’t go to waste but I will be straight back to yours on completion.
      Only minor grievance I have was I ordered $240 worth and it ended up costing me an extra $100 in tax and duty to get it shipped into the UK, i know you have no control over this but hopefully you will get a uk distributer in the future.
      Otherwise it’s all fantastic and your products are brilliant keep up the great work.

      • As you know, Scott, Sir Michael Geary is The Count of Honesty, and if he promotes BioTrust Low Carb then you better believe it’s the best stuff on earth.

        I’m glad to hear that you’re reaping the benefits of the entire line of BioTrust supplements, Scott. We thank you for your business and your feedback!


    27. Hands Down best protein that I have tried. I mix 3 scoops with both the chocolate and vanilla with almond milk and pour it over frozen blueberries makes for the perfect healthy dessert.

    28. I’ve been using it as part of the 4 Cylcle solution 7 day carb depletion and believe me, your protein drinks are the highlight of my dayly meals. I love it!

    29. I add a scoop of vanilla to my coffee every morning instead of milk. Both flavors are really, really tasty, they blend all the way, and I can’t imagine my morning or late afternoon hunger cravings without biotrust.

    30. I have never wanted to use a Protein supplement powder before. I’ve tasted a few different types that friends used but they were always really grainy, chalky, or just heavy feeling in my stomach. I really like the whole mentality of BioTrust and decided to take control of my diet habits. BioTrust Low Carb has become integral to my daily food choices. Vanilla is my favorite and I use it in all of my smoothies. I tried using the chocolate flavor is a smoothie but it did not taste all. I make 5-6 smoothies at once and either refrigerate or freeze them for throughout the week, and the chocolate flavor doesn’t seem to keep well. The great thing about the chocolate flavor, though, is it tastes great with almond milk as a post workout shake. So even though I won’t the chocolate as a smoothie, it has it’s place in my kitchen.

      • Laura,

        BioTrust Low Carb contains a powerful enzyme blend called Prohydrolase that more than doubles the absorption of the protein. So, you literally get every drop of protein from Low Carb — which is simply not true for every other protein supplement on the market.

        Prohydrolase goes right to work in breaking down the protein, and that’s why we strongly recommend that you drink your smoothies and milkshakes within about 10 minutes or so of mixing them up. If you mix them ahead of time and let them sit, they will get that funky taste that you’re talking about.

        So, try to drink your smoothies right away instead of letting them sit to truly unleash the amazing taste of Low Carb. You will not be disappointed I assure you.

        Thanks, Laura.


    31. I love this stuff! The best part is how well it mixes without clumps. My 2 year is always asking for some of my “chocolate milk”. I tell him it’s only for “mommies”!!!

    32. The vanilla tasted better than I expected. I think the Whey in BioTrust keeps you satiated longer than other brands. I like that Josh sends recipes to use with the product.

    33. When I saw the price for the serving amount, it was so steep, especially for a college kid. But I thought I would take up Joel on one of his limited time offers, and got what came to be the best protein powder to taste from a tried and trusted company.

      No bloating, No wild claims, just pure results and a new set of abs for proof.

      Bio-Trust Low-Carb has finally blown the roof off of the supplement fat cats. Bio-Trust will help bring the masses to THE TRUTH about protein. You really got a winner with this one Joel.

      • Thank you, Matt! Great feedback and testimonial. We’re glad to hear that you’re experiencing the TRUTH in BioTrust Low Carb™.

        Keep up the great work!

        Tim Skwiat
        BT Head Trainer

    34. Hi everyone,

      I am a 40 yr old who has been trying different proteins sice I was in 10th grade. Over the years there have been countless attemps at makeing a protein that just tastes good let alone perform the way each manufacturer states it will. Well my wait was over the minute I tried Bio Trust low carb.The taste is incredible and as far as the performance,I have been taking it for 3 weeks and I can say that I have no stomach issues with this product and it digests with no easily with no issues. I would like to thank Bio Trust for there hard work on this amazing product. I would also like to state that in conjunction with Leptiburn I have lost 1.5 inches off my waist in just 3 short weeks.

      Thanks again Joel and company you have a customer for life!!!.

      • Hi, Steve! Congratulations on your awesome transformation in such a short period of time. You are definitely on the fast track to achieving your ultimate body. I would love to see the laundry list of protein supplements that you’ve gone through over the years. We’re glad to know that you finally found the winner!

        Keep up the great work!

        Tim Skwiat
        BT Head Trainer

    35. Let me start out by saying I’ve been training for over a decade and I’ve used countless protein powders. This is by far the most advanced, best tasting protein on the market right. When I take this protein post workout it gives me a true peace of mind because I know I’m taking in the most exotic protein blend in the world. The fact that this is a true 25-25-25-25 blend of micellar casein, milk protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and whey protein concentrate really makes me feel great drinking this stuff. The taste is unmatched, and if you use this to make a milk shake, smoothie or snack and you add milk the taste is boosted up by 100%.

      BioTrust Low Carb is the best protein in the world because it’s the only true time released protein. I know when I’m drinking this stuff post workout or before bed, I’m not spiking my insulin through the roof and I know my muscles are being fed with amino acids for hours. It’s the very first, and currently the ONLY, protein product on the market to use a breakthrough new enzyme called ProHydrolase that has been shown to more than DOUBLE protein absorption. It’s great that this protein has four grams of fiber and only one gram of sugar. Seeing that it’s certified hormone-free, sourced from cows not treated with the potentially dangerous growth hormones rBGH and rBST is the icing on the cake if you’re trying to be a natural athlete. I’m so glad I found a protein that’s 100% All-Natural – no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. It’s naturally sweetened with stevia and a naturally sweet form of fiber called inulin.

      With all this being said in my review the choice should be an easy one. As I stated earlier, this is by far the best protein on the market and if you don’t have BioTrust Low Carb then you’re not serious about your training. It’s that simple

      • Steven, it sounds like you should be a BioTrust salesman 🙂 Thank you for the awesome testimonial and support! It’s very cool to know that the great lengths to which we’ve gone to develop this unmatched protein have not gone unnoticed.

        Thanks, Steven!


    36. I love the taste of the milk chocolate, it is rich and creamy. I stay satisfied for hours. My body loves to take carbs and places it on my stomach, not what I need. Thanks for the low carb shake that don’t stick to my stomach. Great job!!! Catherine Ausum

    37. Love the taste of Biotrust protein powder. I have been using it for 5 days now and not tired of it yet. I have tried all different shakes with both the vanilla and the chocolate.

    38. When I heard about this product and how it was very unique from other protien powders, I had to try it out. I purchased the buy 2 get one free bottle chocolate flavored which was a great deal. This product tastes great blended with almond milk and fruit of choice. It did not give the bloat sensation nor the bubble guts such as other protien products gave me. I felt really good consuming this in the morning,post-workout, and at night. This product might be it. I may never purchase a different brand or kind of protien ever in my life as of now. Thanks for making this fantastic product.

    39. I have tried MANY protein shakes all without success. The artificial sugars bring on my migraines. They usually all claim to taste great but seldom do and leave a weird after taste. This is the ONLY protein shake that does what it says. The vanilla cream reminds me of cheese cake and tastes great to the last drop. Thank you for creating this because I’ve been having a hard time eating low carb and this has saved my weight loss efforts.

    40. I can almost answer this because I can “almost” taste the BioTrust Low Carb Protein. I live in Mexico and I have been waiting for my first shipment of your BioTrust Low Carb Protein for some time now. I think it got hung up temporarily in US customs in SF. However, I am anxiously anticipating tasting your delicious smoothies made from the recipes I have received from you. That’s the best I can do until I actually receive the Protein (stay tuned)…..

    41. I love Biotrust Low Carb protein- I used to be a Shakeology user, but now that I have a low carb option that tastes awesome, I am going to stay with Biotrust. The powder tastes great by itself, and even better when blended with fruit. Bye Bye Shakeology, hello Low Carb Biotrust! Thanks for a healthy and great tasting product.

    42. I’m already feeling a difference by switching to BioTrust from GNC Whey, not having the GI gas, and the improvement in lifting is remarkable. Thanks for the research you have done in putting together the product.

    43. I’ve tried other protein powders and none have the great flavor that BioTrust has. Not to mention unlike other powders I stay full longer. I’ve tried some of your smoothie recipes & they helped me to loose 5lbs last week. I know it won’t continue this way but it was a good ego booster!!!! Thank you!!! I feel that your products will help me on my road to get healthy again!!!!

      • Thanks, Christi! Congratulations on your weight loss! Keep up the great work. There’s no reason you can’t keep shedding the belly fat!

        Tim Skwiat
        BT Head Trainer

    44. Joel-
      I’ve been following you for some time now and have tried many of your suggestions. I am enjoying Bio-Trust Low Carb which I mix with a green drink in the morning. I make this drink for my husband and children and feel confident they are getting the nutrients they need to begin their day and carry them through to lunch, etc. I also suggested my 82 year-old father-in-law start taking the same drink since he was sluggish and not too interested in eating a balanced breakfast. He now counts on my supplying him with his “protein fix” and raids my supplement cupboard. In fact, my friends are constantly asking me what to take and they too invade my supplement stash. I think I need a better discount so I can cover my shipping costs!! Thanks for being so innovative and producing such a “clean” protein supplement.

      • That’s hilarious, Pam! I’m glad to hear that you and your entire family and network of friends are enjoying Low Carb! Kinda makes you want to keep these types of things your own little secret, doesn’t it?

        Thanks for the story and support, Pam!


    45. This is a great product. Although it is fairly expensive by comparison to other products, I feel that it is worth the investment. When it comes to what I put in my body, being cheap is not an option.

      Over six weeks of use, the difference was noticeable. I feel like I get more out of my workout when I’m using BioTrust, and the results are more readily apparent. It’s hard to find a trustworthy supplement brand, but I plan to continue using Biotrust Low-carb. I trust the company and their products.

    46. Well, I am not still not sure how I found you or what prompted me to even give you a try with the Low Carb protein. But what can I say? I am a 53 year old female, hitting menopause. I have always been active, but the past year or so of this new mid life has been difficult. Achy, tired, bloated, low energy… etc… I thought is this it? Well, enough of that storyline. New story: I love the low carb protein. I feel better each week, maintaining a consistent energy throughout the day and truly feel that this is the right recipe for me!! Thank you!!

      • That’s great, Lisa! We’re very glad you found us also, and we’re excited to know that your health and vitality are both improving rapidly with BioTrust Low Carb™ at your side.

        Tim Skwiat
        BT Head Trainer

    47. Hi guys, Ordered your Vanilla protein a few weeks back. Put off using it because honestly i was on another brand. This is my second week on Bio trust and it is the best tasting vanilla i ever had. I appreciate the no chemicals and all the science behind what you guys are doing. Thanks for caring. Valerie W.

    48. I am SUPER picky about supplements. I love that BioTrust Low Carb not only tastes great but I trust the research and manufacturing of this product as well. I have tried the chocolate and the vanilla and love them both. Even my teen uses it regularly. I love knowing that it’s not made with sugar or processed junk, rather he is getting a good protein based “snack”.

    49. You guys deserve halos for coming up with this fabulous protein shake! Finally, a nutritionally “clean”, sugar-free, artificial sweeter-free, shake mix that doesn’t make me blow up like a balloon! Both chocolate and vanilla taste great, even by themselves with my almond milk. They are smooth, not chalky, like so many others. And there is no terrible after-taste. I stay full for at least three hours–perfect for the five small meals a day plan that you support. I have finally started to lose the weight after years of no success. Thank you, bow, hug, kiss, thank you!

      • I don’t know about halos, Jean, but we’ll take hugs and kisses 🙂 Thanks for the great feedback. We’re excited to hear that you love Low Carb and are realizing just how much better it is than literally anything else out there.

        Congratulations on your weight loss — keep up the great work!


    50. I must admit that I have become addicted to Biotrust Low Carb. I can almost taste the absence of all the nasty stuff that most other powders contain. And even thought its fairly expensive, I don’t have to take as much as with other makes. In fact I love Biotrust so much that I pay shipping to Europe/Denmark. How much a fan does that make me!

      Keep up the good work! (presently I am testing Leptiburn, will report back on that)

      Tom / Denmark

      • Thanks for being such a great fan, Tom! We appreciate you and your support. What’s awesome about BioTrust Low Carb™ is you know exactly what you’re getting, and it’s top-of-the-line ingredients. And you’re getting them all when and where you need them.

        Unfortunately, with other products, you not only get all that other “nasty” stuff, you don’t even get all of the stuff that you really want out of it!

        We look forward to hearing your feedback on LeptiBurn in the near future. Thanks, Tom!

        Tim Skwiat
        BT Head Trainer

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