REVERSE Your Carb Intake For Increased Fat Loss (Not What You Think)

    Hey, it's Josh Bezoni!

    From the title of this post, you may think that I'm going to tell you to REDUCE your carb intake which is actually the exact opposite of what this newsletter is about. In fact, many people will find that they can actually eat more carbs and lose more fat when they follow the simple advice I'm about to give you.

    You see, the typical American diet is full of processed, sugar-laden carbs that contain very little if any fiber. High-sugar/low-fiber carbs are what I refer to as "fat-storing" carbs...they're definitely the type of carbs you'll want to avoid if your goal is to obtain a flat stomach and a trim waistline.fruits nuts veggies

    But carbs alone aren't the enemy. Instead, if you "reverse" the typical American trend and begin consuming carbs that contain LESS sugar and MORE fiber, you can actually begin enjoying more carbs in your diet while dropping more of those troublesome pounds.

    The other benefit to these carb sources is that low-sugar, high-fiber carbs are generally minimally processed (if at all) by nature.

    Some examples of my favorite high-fiber, lower-sugar carbs are:

    -Beans (i.e. kidney beans, black beans, black-eyed peas, chickpeas, pinto beans, lentils, etc.)

    -Most Fruit (apples, oranges, apricots, peaches, pears, kiwi, mango, melon, plums, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries) - While these are a bit higher in sugar, they're very slow absorbing and super high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and other important nutrients... so still a top carb choice.

    -All green vegetables


    -Sweet potatoes

    -Wild rice, brown rice


    Now, if you'd like to gain even greater control of your body's ability to process carbohydrates, this is something I had developed for me and I use it with every single carb meal I eat. It really gives me an edge:

    What I take before every single carb meal

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    1. Hi Tim, I have 50lbs to loose is this 1 day diet going to work for me. I was a gym nut for 17 years got bored and quit. Recently took up Kickboxing and have an xiser for burst training. So frustrated. I am a real estate agent so in the road alot, I ordered the 21 day diet but its too complicated And expensive for my lifestyle. his one day sounds like it will work better for me.

      • Hi Maryann,

        Thanks so much for sharing more about yourself and your journey. It does sound like the One Day Diet would be an outstanding approach for you given your busy lifestyle. I highly encourage you to commit to it and give it your full effort. In addition to BioTrust Low Carb, you may consider adding LeptiBurn, which will ensure that your metabolism and fat-burning capabilities are running full steam ahead as your work toward your goal.

        As you know, 50 pounds is a pretty significant amount of weight to lose, and it’s going to take some time. Most folks who follow the One Day Diet lose an average of about 2 pounds per week. Of course, that’s just an average and progress is contingent on a multitude of factors. But, following it to the letter will definitely yield great results!

        I highly encourage you to visit our BioTrust Online Community Forums. There, you can ask questions, share your thoughts, interact with others, get free coaching help, and much, much more:

        Thanks, Maryann! Good luck!

        Tim Skwiat
        BT Head Trainer

    2. hi there,
      Im taking leptiburn and doing some morning fasting on the one day diet and was wondering how many grams of carbs i should be aiming to eat a day? I have cut out all grains from my diet and only rely on quinoa and fruit and veges for my carbs. is this enough?

      • Hello Daniella,

        Thank you for taking on BioTrust Nutrition’s One Day Diet and Leptiburn. We are happy you found us.

        The amount of carbs to consume each day varies from person to person all dependent upon their goals.

        We use a very simple way to measure your carbs intake at meals called the fist method. A portion size to aim for is going to be the size of your clenched fist. Think of an apple, orange, or other piece of fruit of approximately that size, or a portion of quinoa similar in size.

        As far as knowing if you have enough carbs in your diet dial in to the way you are feeling and how your results are showing up. Skin rashes, headaches, bad breathe, constipation are all signs of inadequate carbohydrates in the diet. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms increase your uptake of carbs.

        The sources you have listed are great carbs to be consuming. For weight loss be sure to cut your fruit servings down to 1-2 servings per day and eat a wide variety of vegetables for all of their health benefits.

        Also, quinoa, it is a very interesting food. It acts like a grain in most ways, although it is not technically a grain (the plant is not from the grass family) but is a fiber rich brown carb. It contains more of the amino acid lysine than other grains. This makes it more “complete”, that is, the body can get all of the essential amino acids it needs. Some other great sources are steel cut oats, legumes (such as black and garbanzo beans), sweet potatoes and sprouted grain bread.

        We are always here to help. Please, let us know if you have any further questions regarding the diet or Leptiburn usage.

        Best Regards,
        Team BioTrust

      • Hi Daniella,

        We don’t have a set recommendation for carbohydrate intake while following the One Day Diet. However, a good rule of thumb is to match your carbohydrate intake to your activity level. That is, your protein (i.e., BioTrust Low Carb and Acceptable Protein foods), good fats, and vegetable portions should stay pretty much constant. On days that you have hard workouts, add some extra carbs to your meals.

        On a day off from the gym or on a day when you do some conditioning (i.e., cardio only), your One Day Diet plan might look like this:

        Meal One: BioTrust Low Carb Smoothie (choose from Almost Anytime or Anytime)
        Meal Two: BioTrust Low Carb Smoothie (choose from Anytime)
        Meal Three: Grilled salmon (chicken, beef, etc.), large dinner salad with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and a side of steamed broccoli

        On an intense day at the gym, your One Day Diet plan might look like this:

        Meal One: BioTrust Low Carb Smoothie (choose from Breakfast and Post-Workout)
        Meal Two: BioTrust Low Carb Smoothie (choose from Almost Anytime)
        Meal Three: Roasted chicken (fish, beef, etc.), sweet potato, and a side of steamed veggies and/or salad

        As you can see, cycling your carbohydrates (2 – 3 higher carbohydrate days/week and 3 – 4 lower carbohydrate days/week) allows you to fully harness the benefits of the One Day Diet without having to worry about counting carbohydrates.

        Tim Skwiat
        BT Head Trainer

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