One Of The BEST Meals
I've EVER Eaten In My Life

    As you probably know by now, I’ve been following this strategic 21-day meal plan for the last 12 days and both me and my family have been enjoying incredibly DELICIOUS food each and every night for dinner.  I mean just ridiculously healthy, yet outrageously delicious meals…simply amazing.

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    Yesterday was a Low Carb Day, although I allowed myself to have a smidge more carbs than I normally would at dinner just so I could try a new recipe, which I’ll share with you in a minute, and boy am I glad I did!

    By the way, on this strategic 21 day meal plan you’ll have Low Carb Days, High Carb Days, Cheat Days, and everything else in between.  In fact, that’s the exact reason why the program works so incredibly well, and so quickly.

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    Back to the meal.  Honestly, it was truly one of the BEST meals I’ve ever eaten in my life.

    For the main course, we had a fish, corn, and chorizo (Spanish sausage) dish that was out of this world along with a delicious spinach salad with hard boiled egg, bacon, red onion, and a red wine vinaigrette dressing.

    And here’s the thing: I don’t even really LIKE fish all that much.  In fact, last night was only the second time in my entire life that I’ve ever cooked fish and I very rarely order it while out…but, man, was this fish-dish amazing.

    Thank our friends from RealSimple magazine for this recipe (with a few Joel Marion additions):

    Fish, Corn, & Chorizo Grill Packets



    1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil, plus more for the grill
    3 cups of organic sweet corn (fresh or frozen)
    4 ounces cured chorizo, thinly sliced
    sea salt and black pepper
    Emeril Fish & Seafood Rub
    4 6-ounce skinless black bass, grouper, tilapia, or Pacific halibut fillets
    8 sprigs fresh oregano, plus leaves for serving
    lime wedges, for serving (optional)


    1. Heat grill or a grill pan to medium. Once it is hot, clean the grill grate with a wire brush. Just before grilling, oil the grill grate or grill pan.
    2. Season the fish filets with the fish rub, salt, & pepper.
    3. Toss the corn, chorizo, and 1/4 teaspoon each salt and pepper in a medium bowl. Dividing evenly, place the corn mixture in the center of four 12-by-24-inch pieces of heavy-duty foil. Top with the fish and oregano sprigs, drizzle with the oil, and season with 1/4 teaspoon each salt and pepper. Fold the foil over and seal the edges to form 4 packets.
    4. Place the foil packets on the grill and cook, covered, until the fish is opaque throughout, 12 to 15 minutes. Carefully open the packets and transfer the fish and vegetables to a plate. Sprinkle with the oregano leaves and serve with the lime wedges, if desired.

    We used black grouper for the recipe and, believe me, when you open up that grill packet the aroma of the seasonings and the food all together is pretty incredible.  Even better, it tastes even more delicious than it smells!

    Give this recipe a try and you will NOT be disappointed.

    And here is the simple Spinach Salad recipe:


    3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
    2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar
    sea salt and black pepper to taste
    6 cups of spinach
    ¼ small red onion, thinly sliced
    3 thick strips of organic bacon, chopped
    2 hard boiled organic eggs, sliced


    1. Whisk together the oil, vinegar, salt & pepper in a large bowl.
    2. Add the spinach, onion, bacon & egg and toss to combine.

    As you can see, this entire meal is a SIMPLE meal that does not take long to prepare or make.  That, on top of the incredible flavor, makes it a clear home run.  In fact, my family could not stop talking about how amazing the meal was.  All eight of us cleaned our plates!

    See that?  THIS is how you eat healthy while also enjoying amazingly delicious food.  It’s not difficult!  In fact, I show you how simple it is right here…join me now:

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    Very likely, you’ll find you’ll be eating the most delicious food of your life while watching the pounds fall off…that’s why we created this simple 3-week program!

    Enjoy these recipes, and the results!

    To your success!

    Download Recipe (PDF – 275 KB)


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