Eliminate These THREE Foods To Lose Body Fat FAST

    Do you want to start losing flab very quickly?  You don't have to count calories or follow some complicated diet plan; all you have to do is cut out these 3 foods from your diet for the next few weeks:

    burger and cola1.  Processed foods.  If it comes in a box or a package with a laundry list of ingredients, eliminate it.  Instead, concentrate on eating mostly whole, natural foods.

    2.  Soft drinks, juice, and other sweetened beverages.  Drinks sweetened with sugar or high fructose corn syrup actually increase your hunger while feeding you loads of empty calories.

    3.  Alcohol.  Alcohol is calorie dense and further wreaks havoc on your fat-burning hormones, increasing your belly fat and making it harder for you to lose that pesky flab.

    Want to get a flat belly fast?  Simply follow the above 3 rules.  You will automatically eliminate a massive amount of calories from your diet, and you'll still be able to eat until you're full while achieving rapid results.  Put them in place today!

    Want another quick fat-burning tip?  Try this today:

    ==> Do THIS before eating carbs (every time) 

    To your success!


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    1. Now I don’t eat processed foods AT ALL, but when it comes to cheat days, doesn’t Joel advise us to eat “foods” like processed foods and other “non-healthy food” choices?

      • Hi Kayla,

        This is a great question! For all of your Cheat Day questions and more, I encourage you to visit our free Online Coaching Community:

        Is a Cheat Day Necessary?

        In fact, I think you’d really enjoy our Forums. There, you can ask questions, get free coaching help, give and get support, and much more!

        Regarding your question, if you’d prefer to stick with eating the same foods that you do every other day—just more of them—on your Cheat Day, that’s perfectly fine. However, yes, Joel does recommend, based on years of experience, an all-out, eat-whatever-you-want Cheat Day.

        But, the neat thing is that this is your journey, Kayla. It’s your story, and your the author. You don’t have to do anything that doesn’t feel right for you. Ultimately, a good nutrition plan takes into consideration your personal needs and preferences, and you can successfully execute a Cheat Day without included foods that you deem “non-healthy.”

        That being said, many very healthy individuals include some “non-healthy” foods every once in a while (e.g., Cheat Day) and still maintain vibrant health, ideal body compositions, and optimal performance. Most people will find that the difference between 100% and 90% compliance is negligible. That is, focusing on doing a great job 90% of the time is going to put them in their respective “sweet spots.”

        I hope this helps!


        Tim Skwiat
        Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach

      • Hi Lisa,

        Thanks so much for sharing this list. It seems to parallel quite closely our recommendations for one-ingredient foods. You’re absolutely right, this website/database provides some fascinating and insightful information. Thanks for sharing! Keep up the great work!


        Tim Skwiat
        Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach

    2. Hi,

      I have been trying to locate the article ‘ are these 3 health drinks making you fat’ so as to be able to post my questions there. Unfortunately I have been unsuccessful ,I apologies for posting under this article.

      The oolong tea website you have is better for people in the states. You do have a huge fan base in the uk, plz could you suggest where we can get a high quality oolong tea in the uk without having to pay $49 delivery charge.

      Thanks ( I have lost 25kg)!!!

      • Hi Diana,

        First and foremost, congratulations on your incredible weight loss success! Talk about a body and life transformation…kudos to you! I’m sure that you feel outstanding as a result. Great job!

        As far as the article that you mentioned, I don’t believe that we have published anything specifically along those lines. Here are a few more articles in a similar category, however, that you may find interesting:




        I couldn’t locate any articles or references specifically to oolong tea. If you can find the article and/or link to which you’re referring, we’ll be happy to do some additional research to help point you in the right direction.

        Thanks, Diana. Keep up the great work!


        Tim Skwiat
        Senior Nutrition & Exercise Coach

    3. Okay, I see that you repeatedly tell us what to not eat and what to “get rid of” in our daily diets/eating habits such as the processed foods, soft drinks, and alcohol to get a flat belly fast then you say to simply follow the above 3 rules BUT you don’t tell us what to eat/drink instead of what we may have been eating incorrectly…PLEASE ADVISE…Thanks

      • Hi Craig,

        Thanks so much for subscribing to our newsletter and for sharing your comments. The concept of addition by subtraction comes to mind here. That is, you’ll be making a significant improvement toward your improving your health, fitness, and vitality simply by removing these three foods/drinks mentioned. If you’d like more specific guidelines, we encourage you to follow one of our BioTrust-approved nutrition plans, like Coach Josh’s One Day Diet or Joel’s 3 Week Diet.

        These plans are completely laid out for you and supply you with direction on what foods to choose, how much to eat, and when to eat them.

        That being said, as it relates to this article, let’s run down this list…

        1. Replace processed foods with one-ingredient foods. Simply put, one-ingredient foods are those whose only ingredients are the food itself. Basically, this means meat (preferably pasture-raised), poultry and eggs (preferably free range), fish (preferably wild), vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts, beans/legumes, oils (olive, fish, flax, coconut), some minimally-processed starches (e.g., quinoa, potatoes, rice), and herbs and spices.

        2. Replace calorie-containing sodas, juices, etc., with fresh, clean, filtered water. Tea and coffee are also perfectly acceptable.

        3. You don’t have to completely eliminate alcohol but be wary of its consequences and the types of choices you make. For example, red wine may be a superior choice over beer, white wine, spirits, etc. Choosing a potato-based vodka with club soda may be a better choice than a liquor with a mixer rife with simple syrup and sugar. Please see this post on our Forums for additional details:


        I hope this helps, Craig!

        My best,

        Tim Skwiat
        Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach

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