The 4 BEST Foods To Eat Before Bed

4 foods ok to eat before bedYou may have heard that eating before bed is a big-time “no no” for those looking to lose weight. In fact, you’ve probably even heard that eating late at night will undoubtedly cause you to GAIN weight… even worse!

Well, there’s good news, and that good news is that not every food that you eat past 7PM will be automatically deposited to your butt, thighs, and love handles.

In fact, there are certain foods that you can eat as a late-night snack that can actually INCREASE your fatloss results! The key is knowing which foods to eat, and which to avoid, as the evening progresses.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: Avoid carbs before bed in favor of slow-digesting, high-quality protein.

Carbohydrate consumption causes a significant rise in the storage hormone insulin, which also puts the breaks on fat burning. That’s a recipe for disaster in the late evening hours as your metabolism is winding down, but fortunately, slow-digesting protein isn’t.

Instead, slow-digesting proteins provide your body with a steady flow of amino acids throughout the night to help you recover from exercise and maintain your calorie-burning lean muscle as you lose fat.

Here are some of my top pre-bedtime choices:

1. White Meat Protein (not red meat) – White meat animal protein sources such as chicken and turkey are great pre-bed meal choices because they digest slowly and have a very low insulin release. These sources also promote the release of another hormone, glucagon, that assists the body with breaking down stored carbs and fat within your body to be burned for energy… a double win! Red meat has a significantly higher insulin response so it’s best to avoid in the evening.

2. Cottage Cheese – Cottage cheese is very slow digesting and coats the stomach to be assimilated by the body over many hours. As a protein, it also stimulates glucagon release; a solid pre-bedtime choice. Just make sure you’re using plain cottage cheese, not the flavored varieties with added sugars.

3. Green Vegetables – While these aren’t considered a protein, they contain virtually no calories, are high in fiber, and they’re very filling. Often times when I get a late night craving, I eat a big bowl of green veggies and it completely kills my craving… a diet savior!

4. A Slow-Digesting, Low-Carb Protein Shake – I use a slow-digesting protein shake before bed literally every day. It’s become somewhat of a ritual and a great, tasty way to end my day. The vast majority of my clients have grown to love the habit as well… who doesn’t love dessert before bed? :) I normally blend the shake with almond butter to get some healthy fats in there, and, man, it tastes good with the right protein powder.

WARNING: Avoid taking a simple whey protein powder before bed… research has shown that it causes more of an insulin release than white bread! Instead, you need a time-released blend that includes a blend of slow-digesting, high-quality proteins.

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Put these tips to good use today!

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  1. I have type 2 diabetes and my great problem is the morning blood sugar reading (>160), other post meal readings are acceptable but the morning reading is always high. I was interested in that bed time snack discussion, what do you think would help me? I am a Lacto-Vegetarian, 46 years of age

    • Hi Chandra,

      Thank you so much for reaching out to us and for offering us the opportunity to help. It is truly our privilege to do so.

      I do want to remind you that because we are neither doctors nor do we know your entire health history, we recommend that you discuss any dietary supplements and/or changes to your nutrition program with your doctor prior to commencement. On that note, the information we provide should not be misconstrued as medical advice or as a replacement for the prescriptions of your qualified healthcare specialist.

      That being said, we would highly recommend that otherwise healthy individuals who are interested in learning more about good pre-bedtime nutrition download the following free report:

      The 4 Best Foods to Eat Before Bed

      Generally speaking, for an otherwise healthy Lacto-vegetarian, we would highly recommend BioTrust Low Carb, our true time-released protein blend, as a pre-bedtime snack. This delicious and convenient protein supplement contains slow-digesting proteins, which have recently been shown to promote muscle recovery while you sleep when consumed before bed. How neat is that?!

      Slow-digesting proteins like these help to keep blood sugar levels stable and also stimulate the secretion of a hormone called glucagon, which acts antagonistically to the storage hormone insulin and promotes the utilization of fat for fuel. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Rather, winner, winner, BioTrust Low Carb pre-bedtime dinner. :)


      Tim Skwiat
      Senior Nutrition & Exercise Coach

  2. What should be the timing for a pre-sleep snack/meal? I do my workout in the evening at 5:30 and then eat around 6:30-7. The post mentions “foods past 7 pm”. I have my post-workout shake at this time as well, which includes the biotrust low carb protein blend, organic milk, strawberries, ice, half a banana, almonds. I also have at least two snacks a day consisting of usually some nut butter, mixed nuts/almonds, grape nuts… Does the rule of “white meat” such as chicken and turkey apply for dinner? Because sometimes we cook burgers or steaks for dinner, and these would definitely violate this rule. I would just like some clarification on what time period constitutes “pre-sleep meal or snack time”. Thanks!

    • Hi again, Joe!

      Although meal timing plays a role in the muscle building equation, I would still emphasize hitting your daily macronutrient intake first and foremost.

      If you happen to feel hungry prior to bedtime, this is a good outline to follow for composing a meal. If you happen to deviate slightly, but still stay within your macronutrient guidelines, that is acceptable as well.

      I hope this helps, Joe. If you have any other questions at all, please let me know.


      Brian Murray
      Nutrition and Exercise Coach

  3. Ahhh….greens before bed sounds great. Thank you for that bit of information. I am just getting started with the Omega 3 and I am looking forward to trying more of your products. Some of your ads have provoked some trust. Thank you!

    • Hi Jennette,

      Thanks so much for your encouraging feedback. We’re glad to know that you enjoyed the article and its content, as it is truly our privilege to be your resource for honest nutrition and health information.

      Congratulations on getting started with Omega Dessert. It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? We’re sure that you’re going to love it and the results it helps you achieve. Please keep us posted with your progress, and please let us know if there’s anything else that we can do to help along the way.

      Thanks, Jennette!


      Tim Skwiat
      Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach

  4. I just want to ask .. Is your bio trust protien is 100% vegeterian??

    • Hello Ankit,

      Thanks so much for reaching out to us and for your interest in Low Carb.

      The proteins in BioTrust Low Carb are sourced from Certified Growth Hormone-Free Cows; therefore, Low Carb Protein is not suitable for vegetarians. However, if you are lacto-vegetarian (i.e., drink milk), then Low Carb is vegetarian-friendly to you.

      I hope this helps, and if you have any other questions, please let us know.


      Brian Murray
      Nutrition and Exercise Coach

  5. Thanks ever so much for the above “life saving” information. Finally, someone who knows what thry’re talking about.

    • Hi Darlene,

      Thanks so much for reaching out to us and for your awesome feedback! It is truly our privilege to be your honest source of health and nutrition information.

      I believe one of our awesome teammates spoke to you on Facebook already, but if you have any questions at all, please let us know.

      Thank you!


      Brian Murray
      Nutrition and Exercise Coach

  6. Hi Guys,

    Can you help me? I am from Canada, but work in Mexico City. I know you don’t deliver to Mexico, but I am going to Palm Springs next week and I need to know where I can buy your products?


    • Hi Tracy,

      Thanks so much for reaching out to us!

      We actually ship directly to Mexico. Just choose the products you would like from our main website, and select “Mexico” from the drop-down destination country list at checkout. If you run into any issues with ordering online, please call us toll free at 1-800-766-5086, Monday – Friday, 7am – 8pm CST, and we will get your order squared away as soon as possible.

      I hope this helps!


      Brian Murray
      Nutrition and Exercise Coach

  7. It is not good to eat spicy foods at evening meals. with acid reflux I avoid it. I take BioTrust pro-x10. My reflux is getting better. I only been on the biotrust nutrition for a few weeks and I can feel the difference. I haven’t read all of the Belly Fat Free, But what I Have I learned a lot about eating right.

    • Hi Johnnie,

      Thanks so much for reaching out to us and for sharing your great feedback. We’re very glad to hear that you’re already noticing some improvements with Pro-X10. You’re absolutely right in that certain foods may trigger episodes of heartburn/GERD. However, acid reflux is a relatively complex topic, and most folks simply put a band-aid on the problem.

      Generally speaking, most people think that heartburn is the result of too much stomach acid, and that’s why they resort to acid reducers (i.e., Tums and prescription or OTC medications). However, heartburn can actually be the result of too little stomach acid. The reality is that there are a host of factors involved (too much stomach acid not very frequently being the true culprit).

      When we eat food, it travels down our throats through our esophagus and then enters the stomach. There is a muscle, called a sphincter, that closes off between the esophagus and stomach because the latter if a very harsh environment (with acid and enzymes) to break down the foods.

      It’s when that sphincter muscle doesn’t close properly is when we actually experience heartburn, or acid reflux. Taking acid reducers to deal with this problem actually can cause further digestive issues over time. The acid that our stomachs produce is necessary for the proper breakdown of the food we eat and to kill off foreign pathogenic bacteria (more on this in a second).

      The proliferation of pathogenic bacteria can cause GERD. Research shows that bacterial overgrowth (of the bad variety) plays a significant role in the development of GERD. Addressing the gut’s microbiota, therefore, becomes increasingly important in overcoming the symptoms. This implies that probiotics play a major factor. Therefore, you seem to be on the right track by using our revolutionary probiotic, Pro-X10.

      One of the major functions of good bacteria is to fight and eliminate the bad, which are may causing heartburn. In addition, it also becomes important to watch what you eat (like you mentioned, Johnnie), as certain foods kill off the good bacteria in your gut and also act as fuel for the bad bacteria. I think that adding AbsorbMax will only be of further help, as this comprehensive digestive enzyme supplement will help to fully break down the foods that you eat.

      Stomach acid plays a key role in the sanitation of the food we eat and in the digestion process. If OTC medications are used to reduce stomach acid, it’s highly likely that a digestive enzyme supplement may be warranted to help with the process of digestion and to properly break down the foods that we eat.

      I hope this helps, Johnnie! Keep up the great work!


      Tim Skwiat
      Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach

    • Hi Johnnie,

      Having suffered with acid reflux for many years I learned that carbs, especially foods high in simple carbs like candy, cookies, etc were the primary cause. After cutting 95% of those foods from my diet I lost 40 pounds in about 7 months, it fell off of me. I also lost 95% of my acid reflux issues as well.

      A cure I have found that has worked 100% for me in the past is apple cider vinegar. Approx 1-2 ounces with 4-6 ounces of water, to help swallow it down, takes about 30-45 mins to make acid reflux go away. I always have it on hand and it never fails, although I rarely need it after getting rid of most of the sugar in my diet.

      Good luck.

  8. Eating less than three hours before going to bed, or lying down at any time, can cause or exacerbate acid reflux and other digestive problems, which can irritate your esophagus and cause serious problems over time. In addition, I have never had a problem losing weight by not eating before bedtime, and I know someone who dropped a good amount of weight eating a very light dinner and nothing afterward. Good health should be the primary concern here, and that means going to bed on an empty stomach.

    • Hi Jeanne,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experiences and feedback. We appreciate it! You indeed make a solid point that lying down immediately after eating may exacerbate acid reflux in folks who are prone to this issue. That being said, GERD/acid reflux is another topic entirely, on which I’d be glad to expand if you’d like.

      That being said, the take-home point that we are trying to make here is that there is no magical cut-off time at which one needs to stop eating in order to optimize health and/or body composition. The arbitrary rule that one should not eat after 6pm—or, is it 7pm—does not have a true scientific basis. Rather, our intention is to educate folks on what would be the best choices to make should they decide to eat later in the evening. After all, it is arguably one’s food choices at these times that may be impeding him/her from the progress he/she strives to make.

      Interestingly, there is research to support the notion that that satiety—feelings of satisfaction and fullness—decreases over the course of the day. That’s right, Father Time is actually working against you! This explains why you can eat perfectly well all day, yet begin ravenously eye-balling ice cream, donuts, and more as the day progresses. Also considering that will power is a finite resource, it can be incredibly challenging for some folks to be forced to completely abstain from eating later in the evening. Thus, a resource providing them appropriate choices to fuel their goals and health seems warranted.


      Tim Skwiat
      Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach

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